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Richard Trenton Chase was born on May 23rd, 1950. His parents were strict disciplinarians and Richard was often subjected to beatings from his father. By the age of 10, Chase displayed three known warning signs of children who grow to become serial killers; bed-wetting beyond the normal age, cruelty to animals and setting fires.

Got the serial killer trifecta, baby!

Teenage Years

According to published reports, Chase’s mental disorders intensified during his teenage years. He became a drug user and regularly exhibited symptoms of delusional thinking. He managed to maintain a small social life, however, his relationships with women would not last long. This was because of his bizarre behaviour and because he was impotent. The latter problem obsessed him and he voluntarily sought help from a psychiatrist. The doctor was unable to help him and noted his problems were a result of his severe mental disorders and repressed anger.

After turning 18, Chase moved out from his parent’s home and in with roommates. His new living arrangements did not last long though. His roommates, bothered by his heavy drug use and wild behaviour, asked him to leave.

After Chase refused to move out, the roommates left instead and he was forced to move back in with his mother.

This lasted until he became convinced that she was trying to poison him and Chase was moved to an apartment paid for by his father.

What a bloody drama queen.

A Search for Help:

Isolated, Chase’s obsession with his health and bodily functions heightened. He suffered from constant paranoid episodes and would often end up at the hospital emergency room in search for help. His list of ailments included complaints that someone had stolen his pulmonary artery, that his stomach was backward and that his heart had stopped beating.

He was diagnosed as being a paranoid schizophrenic and spent a short time under psychiatric observation, but soon released.

Unable to find help from doctors, yet still convinced that his heart was shrinking, Chase felt he had found the cure. He would kill and disembowel small animals and eat the various parts of the animals raw. (Obviously, that’s bound to do it) However, in 1975, Chase suffering from blood poisoning after injecting the blood of a rabbit into his veins, was involuntarily hospitalised and diagnosed with schizophrenia. (Oh, no. But it seemed like such a great idea, with no flaw whatsoever 👀)

Schizophrenia or Drug-Induced Psychosis?

Doctors treated Chase with the usual drugs used for schizophrenia with little success. This convinced doctors that his illness was due to his heavy drug use and not schizophrenia.

Regardless, his psychosis remained intact and after he was found with two dead birds with their heads cut off and blood sucked out, he was moved to a hospital for the criminally insane.

Incredibly, by 1976 his doctors decided he was no longer a threat to society and released him under the care of his parents.

I can’t even…

Even more incredibly, his mother made the decision that Chase no longer needed the anti-schizophrenia medications prescribed and stopped giving him the pills. She also helped him find an apartment, paid his rent and bought his groceries. Left unchecked and without medication, it’s needless to say that Chase’s mental disorders escalated and his need for organs and blood now went from that of animals to human organs and blood.

First Murder

On December 29th, 1977, Chase killed 51-year-old Ambrose Griffin in a drive-by shooting. Griffin was helping his wife bring groceries into the house when he was shot and killed.

Random Violent Acts

On January 11th, 1978, Chase attacked a neighbour after he asked for a cigarette then restrained her until she turned over the entire pack. Two weeks later, he broke into a house, robbed it then urinated inside a drawer containing infant clothing and defecated on the bed in a child’s room. Interrupted by the owner’s return, Chase was attacked but managed to escape.

Chase continued to search for unlocked doors of homes to enter. He believed a locked door was a sign that he was not wanted, however, an unlocked door was an invitation to enter. 

Second Murder

On January 23rd, 1978, Teresa Wallin, pregnant and at home alone, was taking out the rubbish when Chase entered through her unlocked front door. Using the same gun he used to kill Griffin, he shot Teresa three times, killing her, then raped her corpse while stabbing her several times with a butcher knife. He then removed multiple organs, cut off one of the nipples and drank the blood. Before leaving, he collected dog faeces from the yard and stuffed it into the victim’s mouth and down her throat…

Final Murders

On January 27th, 1978, the bodies of Evelyn Miroth, age 38, her six-year-old son Jason, and friend Dan Meredith were found murdered inside Evelyn’s home. Missing was Evelyn’s 22-month-old nephew David, who she had been babysitting. The crime scene was horrific. Dan Meredith’s body was found in the hallway. He was killed by a direct gunshot wound to his head. Evelyn and Jason were found in Evelyn’s bedroom. Jason had been shot twice in the head.

Evelyn Miroth
Jason Miroth

The depth of Chase’s insanity was clear when investigators reviewed the crime scene. Evelyn’s corpse had been raped and sodomised multiple times. Her stomach had been cut open and various organs were removed. Her throat was cut and she had been sodomised with a knife and there was a failed attempt to remove one of her eyeballs.

Not found at the murder scene was the infant, David. However, blood in the baby’s crib gave police little hope the child was still alive. Chase later told police that he brought the dead infant to his apartment. After mutilating the baby’s body he disposed of the corpse at a nearby church, which is where it was later found.

What he did leave at the grotesque murder scene were clear hand and shoe prints, which soon led police to his door and to the end of Chase’s insane rampage.


After the Wallin murder, FBI agents Russ Vorpagel and Robert Ressler were called in to investigate. They compiled a profile of the killer; they determined that the killer would be tall, malnourished, a loner, physically unclean, and that most importantly, he would continue to kill.

Five days after the mass murder, and after hearing the FBI profile, Nancy Holden contacted police saying she believed Richard Chase could be the killer. The police ran a background check on Chase, where they came across his registration of a .22-caliber semiautomatic pistol. Detectives and a team of police went to Chase’s apartment, where they asked to speak with him. Chase refused; the detectives and the police hid down the hallway and waited for Chase to leave, arresting him when he left the apartment carrying a bloodstained box; his parka and shoes were likewise bloodstained.

Inside were pieces of shredded, blood-soaked wallpaper, and the bloodstained .22 with which he had committed his murders. Chase claimed that the bloody wallpaper and bloody gun were a result of his killing several dogs. When the police performed a search of Chase’s person, they found that he was carrying Dan Meredith’s wallet.

Detectives, along with Ressler and Vorpagel, performed a search of Chase’s apartment. They found the walls, floor, ceiling, refrigerator, and all of Chase’s eating and drinking utensils soaked in blood; on the counter was the blender Chase used to make his smoothies. It was caked in coagulated blood and the rotting matter of internal organs.

Inside the refrigerator police found several animal body parts wrapped in aluminium foil; David’s brains in a Tupperware container and pieces of his body wrapped in Saran Wrap; and several of Evelyn Miroth and Teresa Wallin’s internal organs. On another counter were several pet collars; on his kitchen table he had spread out numerous diagrams depicting various aspects of human biology.

His Blender

The End Result

In 1979, a jury found Chase guilty on six counts of first-degree murder and he was sentenced to die in the gas chamber. Disturbed by the gruesome details of his crimes, other prisoners wanted him gone and often tried to talk him into killing himself. Whether it was the constant suggestions or just his own tortured mind, Chase managed to collect enough prescribed antidepressants to do just that On December 26th, 1980, he overdosed on the pills and prison officials discovered him dead in his cell.


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