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The true story of “Annabelle”

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It all began when Deirdre received her birthday a gift from her mother, a raggedy ann rag doll with red threads like hair and a triangular red nose. Deirdre was a nurse and lived in an apartment with Lara, who had the same profession. These girls never imagined that this innocent doll, hid a dark secret, which they were soon to discover.

The nightmare began with small demonstrations, whenever the young came to their home, found the raggedy ann in different position of how they left her, usually liked to cross her legs; then she started moving from one place to another, she was always in Deirdre’s bed but appeared in other places in the house, like in a chair, a sofa or any corner; she also left messages written on a scroll, the messages said: ” help us ” and ” help cal “, cal was a friend Of the girls.

Following these paranormal demonstrations, the nurses decided to call a medium, who was able to contact the spirit, who was called Annabelle Higgins, a 7-Year-old girl who died on the property before the apartments were built, before Camp where Annabelle was very happy; Annabelle made them know that all she wanted was to be loved, and I ask her that if she could stay with them and move through the wrist. The nurses accepted because by their profession, one of their gifts was compassion to other people’s pain. Annabelle on Christmas dates I leave a chocolate boot like a thank-you gift. They were delighted to be able to take care of the little girl’s spirit.

Cal often visited the department, he never thought Annabelle was cute, rather she saw her as a voodoo doll, she made him have nightmares constantly. One time was Lara and the alone, when suddenly heard a noise as if someone had broken into Deirdre’s room at 11 at night, cal waited until the noise was mute to open the door of the room and Turning the light on, seeing clearly there was nothing strange, until she saw Annabelle lying in a corner, he headed for Annabelle and when she was about to touch her, she felt someone was behind him, he turned and there was nobody, But some invisible nature cut his chest, his whole shirt was full of blood, taking it away, they realized his wound had a claw mark.

The nurses contacted a priest from his church, who for his lack of knowledge in demonology, decided to speak to the Warren, who ruled out the possibility that the girls moved from the apartment, as it was not that easy to get rid of Annabelle, or more Well of the evil entity, because really the spirit of Annabelle Higgins never arrived at the wrist, rather was an entity that was never human, a malevolent spirit that used Annabelle’s name as a mask, a dark entity who moved annabelle as a puppet To pretend that she was possessed, that’s right, it was a demon.

And even though an exorcism in the apartment was enough to free the women of that demon, the doll was really never completely released because the demon is linked to it.

On the way back, the Warren took Annabelle for the safety of the nurses, on the road they ran out of brakes and were about to suffer a fatal accident, Holy water helped to calm the anger focused on the wrist. Edward placed in his office about a rocking chair to Annabelle, who during the nights levitated; Lorraine comments that a cat attached to the doll and constantly took objects from the Warren to his mercy.

A priest friend of the warren went to visit Annabelle and even though the warren warned her that she could be dangerous, when the religious saw her, in a rough way she grabbed her and said, ” you are a doll, Annabelle You can hurt anyone ” then throw it against the wall. The Dawn had arrived and the father was going back to his destination, moving on a lonely road, he was a little nervous about the altercation with Annabelle and the Warren s’ warnings, when all of a sudden he saw his eyes hit the Annabelle, effectively anabelle was there to cause a terrible accident to the father, he lost control of the car and overturned, but fortunately managed to survive.

Another case in which Annabelle has made hers, is that of a boy who went to visit the Warren Museum, the bride claimed that he made fun of the “Raggedy Ann”, unfortunately that was a tragic one Fate to the young man, when he went back from the museum, he had a fatal motorcycle accident with his girlfriend, she stayed alive but he couldn’t survive.

Annabelle is currently locked in a glass box at the Warren Occult Museum and every week a father is going to bless.

Pogo “the killer clown”

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John Wayne Gacy, having had a difficult childhood, in which his alcoholic father beat him constantly and had been abused by a friend of the family, John became what he looked like an exemplary citizen, had a managerial position, was married, He loved to participate in social works and was also the clown pogo, a very recognized character in Illinois, who attended parades and children’s parties. What people did not know is that after that kind smile there was no goodness, if not perversion and evil.

Between 1972 and 1978, Wayne gacy sexually abused and killed 33 young people whose ages were between 14 and 21 years. Usually Pogo bound his victims, tortured them, the them and eventually strangled them to death. 29 of the victims were buried in their own house and the other 4 thrown into a river.

In 1994 Pogo was sentenced to death aplicándosele a lethal injection, John died without showing any regrets, his last words were: ” killing me will not bring any of the victims back. The State is killing me! Bésenme The C # $ @! they’ll never know where the others are!”.

The tragedy and abomination was not his only legacy, his oil paintings of clowns are currently recognized in the world.

There are many scary clowns created by the entertainment industry that have been inspired by “Pogo”

The creepy real story that inspired Freddy Krueger’s movies

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Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) is one of the most emblematic horror films of all time. The Tape, directed by Wes Craven, has as the primary antagonist to Freddy Krueger, a violent killer who stalks his victims within his dreams, making sleep become a danger.

Although the plot seemed most fanciful, his creator revealed that he was inspired by a disturbing real story. Craven conceived this film after reading a series of newspaper articles from the Los Angeles times, which counted the case of a group of Asian immigrants who began to have horrible nightmares that led them to refuse to sleep and when they finally returned to sleep, they died Inexplicably.

As Craven explained to cinema, he had the idea of designing a truly scary psychopath for a new tape and without waiting for him, he found inspiration in the real world.

” I wanted to do something that was tied to the deepest part of our subconscious. I had an earlier career in the academic world (I had studied psychology at John Hopkins University), so there were certain things I knew “, he commented on that occasion.

This is how the filmmaker took elements of Freudian and jungian psychology and mixed them with what he read in the paper, giving fruit to a monstrous killer who lived in the subconscious of his victims.

The true story
But what really happened to those who died in their dreams in real life? According to the portal, they suffered something known as unexpected sudden death syndrome.

The accounts read by Craven addressed the case of about a hundred Asian individuals, primarily young and healthy, who died in their dreams and whose autopsies revealed no anomaly in their body.

It was a group of ethnic immigrants known as hmong or miao, who arrived in the United States fleeing mainly from Laos, where they were persecuted to death.

When Vietnam attacked laos – one of the Hmong’s main places of residence – he named them “priority enemies” and began to kill them. This, in response to the fact that many young people of the ethnic group had previously fought in favour of the united states – its main adversary – in exchange for promises of a better life. That was how many members began to flee to other parts of the world, including America, where they were granted the status of “political refugees”.

When they arrived in North America, life became difficult for this ethnicity, who barely spoke English and faced a tremendous cultural shock. The worst was that when they began to adapt to this different society, some of them began to die in dreams.

According to gizmodo, the first known case occurred in 1977 in orange county. There, ly houa – a working man and a good physical condition – inexplicably passed away. That was the beginning of the deaths of the same nature.

Over the course of 5 years, more than a dozen young and healthy Hmong immigrants had died in a similar way. According to witnesses, before they died, these people were wailing and seemed desperate in the midst of their dreams. This situation began to alarm the members of the ethnic group, who saw how many of them died so strangely.

In the face of confusion, the centers for disease control and prevention in the United States began to conduct investigations, in order to determine the causes. Heart Failure, consequences of gas attacks suffered by the people, stress or extreme fear, were some of the options that were.

Then there appeared other cases in Asia not related to the Hmong and involving Japanese, Filipinos and Singaporeans. In fact, there were researchers who claimed that 500 nips had died in previous years of similar causes, repeating the same pattern: healthy young people-under 35-who died in sleep. It was also determined that 43 out of 100 Filipino men were likely to die in this way.

This was compounded by a study showing that some 200 Thai men died between 1982 and 1989 in a similar way. This LED to a number of explanations based on mythology and the paranormal, which spoke of monsters and witches that would haunt their victims in dreams.

In the mid-80 s, there were 116 cases of Hmong men residing in the United States who died from the so-called unexpected sudden death syndrome.

Possible causes
After many analyses and medical follow-up to 3 Men of ethnicity who managed to survive due to timely cardiopulmonary resuscitation, it was discovered that these deaths could be caused by ventricular arrhythmias – whose origin was unknown – which led to cardiac arrest.

According to a study published by pathologist Roy Gibson in 1988, these people would have suffered hereditary problems that hit in tissues transmitting electrical signals, slogan, adding that these defects were not often a problem for most of the time, But when the person was subjected to a lot of stress, they could cause death.

Later, as early as 1992, pere and josep brugada were able to identify the risk of unexpected rising death syndrome through electrocardiograms.

In this way, when a patient was in danger, he was given a device called defibrillator defibrillator, which was able to emit an electrical impulse in the heart when it presented the fault, avoiding cardiac arrest.

Although it is still not entirely clear why the Hmong people had so many victims for this problem, it is believed that the hereditary factor added to the past suffering of the tribe and the subsequent cultural shock that they had to live on when arriving in the United States, triggered severe stress He LED them to present these fatal arrhythmias.

Robert the puppet possessed “the true story of chucky”

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At the beginning of the th century in Florida, Robert Eugene Otto received a handmade doll from a slave, who practiced witchcraft. This wasn’t just a toy, if it wasn’t a doll with its own life, whom Robert decided to call it just like he did.

With Robert’s arrival, paranormal phenomena began to occur in the house, things were flying and against the wall, Robert Eugene said he was the doll, who was his best friend. When Eugene grew up he became a renowned painter, he always painted the paintings alone with Robert, Eugene always attributed his talent to Robert.

When Eugene married, Robert was sent to the attic for a short time, as Eugene would argue that he would be moved to the guest room, where the people claimed that Robert would always look out to the window to observe the children when they went to school . Many of the workers resigned because they could not stand to hear their sinister laughter as a child.

After Eugene died, Robert went to the hands of the new owners of the house, who had a 10-Year-old daughter, who claims that Robert tried to kill her and stuck the door so that his parents could not help her.

Robert is currently living in a museum in key west, Florida. Everyone who wants a picture with him has to ask permission, because if not the consequences could be serious.

The real story of which they were based on the movie is this.

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Entrance to the espluznante cave, where to the present, no one wants to penetrate

Sawney Bean, also known as “the cannibal of the hills”, is considered the most famous cannibal of antiquity, and although the fact that he was a psychopath anthropophagiac is not a something (there have been thousands throughout history ), sawney keeps a history of degeneration of cinema rather than reality. Wes Craven was inspired by him to create “the hills have eyes”, although i have found many more influences in Rob Zombie’s movies the house of the thousand corpses and the devil’s Renegades, both related to murder, incest, The savagery and the perversion.

He was born in Scotland, in the th century, in East Lothian County, East of Edinburgh. While his childhood and youth was not too unusual for the time, he soon met Agnes Douglas, who became his sentimental partner. They both fled when agnes was accused of witchcraft and settled in a cave of ballantrae, in a coastal area that was abutted with a path.

The cave had nearly two miles of galleries and there began its life in common. At First, it lingered through the belongings that were stolen from travellers, after killing them, however, the degeneration had just begun.

They immediately began to procreate at an alarming rate (in a cave there is not much to do), and of course, their bloodline needed to subsist, for which they began to rob many more travellers and, in some cases of necessity, to eat their own Children and feed others with the remains. However, when the first children began to grow older, the number of missing travellers increased, but what actually happened is that no member of a caravan managed to survive the angry attacks of the bean family, the bodies were moved to the cave , where the whole family satisfied their appetite. They came to become to human flesh to such a point that it became their only food.

Many locals were executed accused of the disappearances of those who were venturing into that path, but none recognized the guilt for what the executions stopped, and despite the fear of people, there was no other route to transport goods or Move from town to town, so the facts continue to happen.

A few years later, the family reached a level of savagery rarely seen, their offspring spread to the 48 known members, as many were able to die for diseases or serving “snack”. incest was a regular practice, Mother with children, granddaughters with father, among brothers and so forth. All of this got a lot of birth with malformations or, which accentuated his already existence.

The disappearance of soldiers of the king’s army made it even more alarmed, because, as the patrols were sent to find the killers, the special location of the cave made the water more than 200 meters In the dwelling when the tide was high, making it impracticable for armed men.

Legends About Wolves, vampires and demons spread throughout the country, the children were frightened with tales about that rocky area, the remains they left or threw into the sea made the discovery of them extend the fear of the region , which began to be depopulated.

One day, a caravan of about 30 people heard screams a few meters later, as they approached a wild stamp, a man tried to defend himself with his weapons while his wife and daughters were gutted, cut and his blood was drink by several members Of the bean while still alive. By seeing the travelers and their great numbers, the savages fled between the hills. This fact served to discover that they were not wolves responsible for the massacres but humans in a state of savagery and lived nearby.

One of the present made the tale come to the ears of King James I, which sent 400 armed men accompanied by hunting dogs to the area, the smell of rotting flesh coming out of the cave facilitated the task, after hundreds In Zig -, they arrived at the bean home and had a grotesque vision. Apart from the marriage bean and his eight children, six daughters, eighteen grandchildren and fourteen granddaughters (all fruits of incest), exhibits thousands of human members scattered across the cave, strings of arms in salting, skulls on the ground, legs everywhere, fingers Et cetera. In addition to a fortune in jewels, clothes and different items taken away from travellers.

The whole family was arrested and moved to Glasgow, where the men were dismembered in public so that they would slowly be dismembered in the presence of the women of their lineage, which were subsequently burned alive while uttering profanity and curses and without showing the slightest proof of Regret.

The nightmare was over, however, there is a legend in girvan, a nearby village, which speaks of a woman, elder daughter of sawney, who left the cave to settle there, integrating into society, but someone discovered her ancestry and was hanged In a tree she had planted herself. It is said that, since then, whoever stops under him can hear the sound of the body of’s daughter swinging. Popularly known as the hairy tree, nothing is known about its location, but is being investigated for the sake of attracting tourists.

The truth is that on the coast of ballantrae there is still a grotto that the locals call the cave of Sawney Bean, in which many years no one dares enter.

Sawney Bean also served as inspiration for the creation of a character from batman comics named Solly Bean, a criminal cannibal whose compulsion is to devour human flesh.

The Exorcism of Robbie Mannheim (true story of the exorcist)

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In 1949, Cottage City, Maryland hosted the tragedy of a 14-Year-old teenager named Robbie Mannheim. It all started when his aunt taught the young man to use the ouija, first everything was a game for Robbie but weeks later aunt died for “natural causes” so Robbie starts playing alone to communicate with his dead aunt. This was the main trigger of the ordeal that was coming.

It started with strange noises in the morning, blows to the wall, self-contained movements of objects, scratches on the walls, the painting of Jesus Christ was writhing without explanation; once in class, Robbie’s companions witnessed how Robbie’s desk was I slip by myself until I hit some partners.

Little by little this dark energy began to directly affect Robbie, showed more sullen behavior and paranormal phenomena began to have physical impact on him, marked his chest with scratches coming from inside; a catholic priest went to visit Robbie and not It took a long time for the evil forces to express themselves, Robbie’s bed was shaking for himself, his holy water bottle exploded and the candle fire was out of control, when an unrecognizable voice comes out from Robbie and says in Latin: ” Oh, priest of Christ, you know I’m a demon. Why do you bother me?”.

He moved Robbie to a hospital for the Reverend Schulze to perform an exorcism, unfortunately whoever possessed Robbie seriously injured the Reverend, giving up the exorcism; Robbie’s family realized that in his chest a sign was set: ” st . Louis “, place where the, where they later took Robbie to find help.

A Jesuit Father was the one who would perform this last exorcism in st. Louis, where the demon inside Robbie became very violent to religious images, cursed with a demon voice in different languages, offended the religious spitting in the face, but it was not enough for the religious cease, after a long, complex And Dangerous Exorcism, from inside Robbie came a new voice: ” Satan!”, ” Satan!”. I am Miguel, and I command Satan and the other evil spirits, to leave this body in the name of dominus. Immediately!, now!, now!, now!.

Robbie twisted himself until he was calm, he led his eyes to the priests and said, ” He’s gone.

Ōkiku “the spirit of the ferris wheel” (the true story of the ring)

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This tragic legend dates back to the th century, at castle in Japan, where a samurai named tessan aoyama fell in love with a creepy way of his maid: “ōkiku”, the owner of the castle was willing to leave his wife and To marry ōkiku, but she told him that she was unwilling to be his mistress or his future wife.

‘s rejection led the samurai to lose his sanity, so aoyama decided to set a trap for ōkiku; since one of the tasks of the noble maid was to take care of ten gold dishes from the aoyama family, he decided to hide one Of them, to then threaten to accuse her with a thief if she didn’t belong to her love. The two options of ōkiku were either aoyama’s girlfriend or being executed, either of them was doomed to not be happy, so okiki chose to end his life, throwing himself on the ferris wheel.

After’s death, she returned to seek revenge, so during the afternoon the samurai suffered from the paranormal manifestations of the woman she loved, she came out of the ferris wheel and crawled to aoyama, her eyes were filled with rage and constantly It could be heard that ōkiku counted the gold plates over and over, making tremendous fuss over the wall.

The Spirit of ōkiku is described as a sad, long-haired woman, who wears a white funeral dress, that’s how the spirits of Japanese women are usually the spirits of Japanese women who can’t rest in peace, because they suffered a lot When they were alive, they did not receive a proper funeral ceremony or to commit suicide, they appear during the early hours of the morning until dawn and seek to torment those who hurt them in life but without harming them physically.

The Ferris wheel, known as the noria ferris wheel, can still be found outside the castle and is covered by iron bars to keep ōkiku locked up.

The Poltergeist Enfield (true story of the 2 spell)

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Paranormal phenomena began to manifest in August 1977, in Enfield, England, but the origin of these apparitions began in 1976, when 2 girls opened the portal that let inhumane entities into their home, as you can imagine These girls were playing a ouija board.

They had no sinister targets when they used it, they just had nothing to do, they saw the ouija board as a simple board game. Unfortunately for them, England is a place with a lot of paranormal activity, as a result the girls made contact with a demon spirit. After a week that demon practically took over the house, but that’s not the worst, but this demon didn’t come alone… 6 more spirits broke into the house.

Grunts, scratches, footprints and more were the first types of demonstrations, as the bodies seized strength, objects began to move, members of the family (especially girls), and various dark figures were manifested and floated around the House at night.

The girl’s mother said that her daughter would be levitated up like a “yoyo” and no one could help her. Girls often had episodes of possession in which it appeared to be the spirit of an old woman, during possessions had superhuman strength. It was very dangerous because in that state most of the time they were trying to kill the mother with her own hands.

The spirits were very loud, the voices of those 6 different entities were always heard in very high tones, it was like there were more invisible people in the room. It didn’t matter if the family were eating in the kitchen or talking in the room, the voices always talked in the room, they talked more than the people in the house.

As for communication with the spirits that was not a problem, they were always willing to talk. One of the many researchers in this case was Edward Warren (rest in peace), who had some conversations between some of the spirits and him. Here’s one of them.
Ed: Hello?
Voice: hello
Ed: do you know who I am?
V: yes
Ed: who am I?
V: Ed.
Ed: you’re right, who are you?
V: Fred-the
Ed: you’re Freddie, huh? What’s your real name?
V: Yecccccch… (noise)
Ed: when are you leaving here, Fred?
V: 500 years.
Ed: it’s a long time, can you move something to show us you’re here?
V: no
Ed: why not?
V: Tommy took my gun.
Ed: Oh, is that two of you? Get me Tommy.
V: (a new voice, although still snores) yes, I’m Tommy.
Ed: Tommy, how do you think we can get rid of all the problems that happen in this house?
V: kill the ghosts!
Ed: kill the ghosts? What are you not a ghost?
V: no
Ed: tell me, how did you get into this house?
V: I came under the floorboards.
Ed: how many of you are there together?
V: (counting slowly and deliberately) ah… uh… one… two… three… four… five… six. Six we’re here no, five.
Ed: what are their names?
V: Fred-die, Tom-Mie, Billy, uh… Charlie, and dick. John’s not here.
Ed: where’s John?
V: I don’t know.
Ed: who’s the leader? Is that you?
V: no one, no one is the leader. I’m a liar.
Ed: who else is here? Is there anyone else?
V: yes.
Ed: who?
V: the man in the sewer.
Ed: get me the sewer man here. Let me talk to him. Are you the man in the sewer?
V: Yes (a different snoring voice, but a little clearer)
Ed: Sewer man, what do you have to say?
V: (howling) this house is haunted, kill the ghosts!
Ed: Sewer man, were you ever alive?
V: yes.
Ed: where?
V: with the soldiers. I’m a soldier.
Ed: in which army were you a soldier?
V: in all. I’m a soldier.
Ed: who else is there?
V: ah… uh… Zachary’s here.
Ed: put it on. Let Zachary talk.
V: (suddenly there is an incredible groan and moan. The voice is absolutely bizarre. The cries end in a prolonged cry of “help” which takes 10 seconds to disappear.
Ed: Jesus Christ, what was that? Put me back on Zachary.
V: (complains).
Ed: who else is there, Fred?
V: I’m not Fred, I’m Tommy.
Ed: he won’t come, (pause) I’ll tell you someone else who’s here.
Teddy’s here. Man Teddy’s here.
Ed: put teddy man here, Fred.
V: Yeccccch… (noise then silence, BREAKING EVERY 5 seconds for a voice like a cotorro saying ” hello “. a second voice appears saying ” hello ” to which the voice of cotorro replied 2 times ” Hello “. a third voice joined the ” hi “, and then a fourth voice; then the fifth and sixth voice joined the chorus of the hi with a voice similar to that of the cotorro. In the end all the voices disappeared, except one, the original voice of cotorro repeated his singular “hello”

Ed tried to communicate again after the event, but there was no immediate answer.

During the previous conversation with the spirits, Edward described that things were flying around the room, so the noise of all the blows and crashes that sound in the background (he was recording the interview). Chairs and tables heaven and fell, a knife went straight to an assistant’s computer, the whole house was a disaster.

In the end it is not known exactly what happened, or rather there are many versions of what happened how was the case solved?, some people say it was an invention of the girls (for paranormal researchers and those who witnessed this case This theory is impossible), it is also said that it was a dutch medium put an end to the demonstrations in an astral speech, or that the warren put an end to these paranormal events, I suppose we will have to watch the film to see what ends this outcome.

The Incantation 2

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Although most of us know that valak did not exist in the true story of the Enfield Case, it does not mean that this demon is not real. Valak exists and is not dressed as a nun.

Valak is the great president of hell, he has 30 legions of demons under his command; his appearance is of an innocent child with wings of an angel, who rides a 2-headed dragon.

He gives you the true answers about hidden treasures, tells you where you can find the snakes and forces them to obey you, not selfish with his powers so he can share you with his strength in abundance if you want. Many Witches and fortune seekers are the ones who invoke it, and although it sounds tempting, unfortunately the price you will have to pay could corrupt your soul.

Valak seeks to desecrate genuine spirits of the church, such as nuns or altar boys.

The Butcher of Plainfield (true story of massacre in Texas)

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Edward Theodore Gein was a farmer who spent 41 years repressed by his mother’s religious fanaticism, until she passed away, he could actually live the life he wanted, a twisted life full of cruelty, wickedness and madness.

Although he is thought to kill more than 2 people, Edward was only found to be the murder of Mary Hogan, the woman of whom he was in love and Berenice Worden, whose body was found hanging from his ankles, decapitated and opened by his torso.

But another of Edward’s brutal sins was the desecration of dead bodies, as he opened the graves of the recently deceased women, stealing them and then their the skin and creating furniture and clothes with it.

The police found human heads, lamps and human skin seats, plates made of skull, a heart in a pan, an ashtray skull, a vest formed by the intimate parts of the woman, leather pants, a torso with breasts and masks Human face.

The Butcher as he was appointed, spent the rest of his days in a psychiatric institution.

The possession of Anneliese (the real story of the “Exorcism of Emily Rose”)

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Bavaria, Germany witnessed the torment of a young catholic named Michel. Torture begins since 17 years beginning to suffer from strange attacks, being diagnosed with epilepsy, after many treatments showed no improvement, but with the passage of time not only was physically physically beat if not spiritually, Anneliese began to be intolerant To objects, images and religious places, such as, images of the virgin, churches, etc.

‘s prayers instead of helping her, seemed to be her as she saw diabolical apparitions while praying. He heard voices telling him that “he was going to achicharrase in hell”. she was no longer the same, hurt her relatives, did not eat by demon orders (only eating spiders and coal), hid under the table while barking like a dog I’ll tear the head off a dead bird from a bite.

In 1975 he was authorized to perform the exorcism, it was determined that annelise was possessed by 6 Demons: Lucifer, Cain, Judas Iscariot, Nero, Hitler and an evil priest. From September 1975 to July 1976, he was constantly performing exorcisms; sadly on July 1, 1976, Annelise lost the battle against hell, as he died at the age of 23 And Dehydration.

The last words of annaelise were: ” beg for forgiveness ” and ” Mama I’m afraid ”

Bathsheba: the true story of “the spell”

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In the 70 s, the family lived on a farm in composes (Rhode Island) where they would live the most horrific years of their lives. Since they arrived until they left, the family witnessed the paranormal manifestations occurring in the lonely and cursed house.

The demonstrations were usually at night, and they always started with a call to the door so strong that they woke up to all the family members, a blue fog could be found in the house.

The Farm was so old that many people died there, although most were good spirits, there was an evil and vengeful spirit called Bathsheba Sherman, a witch who sacrificed his first son as an offering to Satan, after this the woman was cursed And His 3 other children died when he was 4 years old. Legend has it that bathsheba cursed the house before he died, it is said that she herself took her life, hanging.

The family came to Edward and Lorraine Warren, they were the ones who determined that the most violent spirit of the house was the witch witch, since Carolyn Perron (the mother) was attacked by a woman with a broken neck whose face could not be To distinguish, the marks that were left were like a needle, and with a needle is like bathsheba killed his own son.

The family was able to get rid of bethsheba after Carolyn, who was the main victim of the wrath of bethsheba, was subjected to an exorcism, as it was said that the spirit of the witch envied Carolyn and wished to stay with her husband and daughters .

The house is still haunted, because the families who have inhabited the house are changed shortly since they claim that they frighten, a worker who was remodeling the house, fled leaving all his work equipment in the house and he never came back for his Things.


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