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Jeffrey Dahmer murdered in prison in 1994

(Originally published by the Daily News on November 29, 1994. This story was written by Jere Hester.)

Jeffrey Dahmer, the despised serial killer who gleefully mixed murder with cannibalism and necrophilia, was beaten to death yesterday as he scrubbed a prison toilet.

Authorities at the maximum-security Wisconsin lockup said an inmate apparently bashed in the skull of the twisted slayer of 17 men and boys. A convicted wife killer was seriously injured in the jailhouse attack.

A bloody broomstick was recovered from the scene, where the three inmates – all murders – were on cleanup duty. But authorities wouldn’t say whether it was the murder weapon.

Families of Dahmer’s tortured victims, slain during a horrific 13-year orgy of death and perversion that began in 1978, were forced to relive their pain as his mother shed tears for her son.

“Oh my God! My son! How could this happen?” Joyce Flint asked “Hard Copy” from her California home.

Dahmer, 34, – who survived an attempt on his life earlier this year – was cleaning a bathroom at the Columbia Correctional Institute when he was attacked between 7:50 a.m.and 8:10 a.m. Central Standard Time.

The suspect, whose prison togs were splattered with blood, was identified as Christopher Scarver, 25.

State prison chief Michael Sullivan said Scarver was a convicted killer from the Milwaukee area who wasn’t eligible for parole until 2042.

Dahmer’s body was found in the staff bathroom and shower area, adjoining a gym at the 600-inmate prison, where he was serving 16 consecutive life sentences. Wisconsin does not have the death penalty.



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